Singulator/Orienting Feeder with Scale

Our Singulator/Scale system makes precision batches a breeze. Product is first loaded into the singulator scale above. When it’s time to slice-in, the scale feeds exactly the correct weight into the slicer (we often use Urschel) and onto the high speed slice conveyor. The whole process takes seconds for optimal product freshness and reduced product sticking. A pair of fryers typically share one singulator system as the slice conveyor pivots between the fryers.

With its 200 lb/90 kg fill capacity, the singulator scale can eliminate wait time from filling. The scale is filled, then when a fryer calls for product, the exact weight is subtracted from the scale into the slicer. This speeds up slice-in time and, because the scale has not been completely emptied, speeds up reload time. The singulator may also be set up to only fill to individual batch sizes, if needed. Our unique design creates geometry that reduces bridging and will reliably feed anything from long carrots to spherical chipping potatoes.

Our high speed slice conveyor delivers product directly into the fryer in fractions of a second. Flange-to-flange mounting makes installation and removal simple and quick. Cleaning is no trouble at all with our quick-release belt tensioners.