Our Mission

    As specialists in process automation and control, we understand that every application has unique challenges. This is why we custom build every piece of equipment to fit your needs. Off-the-shelf products often create as many problems as they solve, causing labor intensive situations that eat into your profits. Our equipment is designed around powerful microprocessor based controllers to provide maximum flexibility for optimum product quality. Microprocessor controls make it easy for authorized personnel to make programming changes, and eliminates unauthorized tampering. Our fryers, stirrers, conveyors, ovens, seasoning and extractor processes have been field-tested. They work flawlessly and look exceptional after years of rigorous service. Our years of experience in the food process business give us a distinct advantage over other companies. We know the reality of production and sanitation problems. We design our equipment to be trouble- free and easy to clean. Let us equip you with state of the art processes that will minimize your labor expenses and maximize you profits while giving you peace of mind.